Calvados Toutain - Domaine de la couterie - Beuzeville

The Calvados AOC produced by the Toutain family is well known by the French grands chefs
such as Michel Troisgros, Georges Blanc, Pierre Gagnaire, Guy Savoy or the late Bernard Loiseau.
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Calvados Online offers you the three oldest calvados made by Toutain in 70, 150 and even 300cl!
Calvados AOC 15, 30 or 45 years old
15, 30 or 45 years old blended Calvados aged in
oak barrels.

70cl - 40%

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Calvados AOC 15 years old (Hors d'Age)

150cl (magnum) - 40%

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Calvados AOC 15 years old (Hors d'Age)

300cl (jeroboam) - 40%

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Calvados Toutain - A small production but a calvados of great repute
At the Domaine de la Couterie, the Toutain family produces calvados since five generations, respecting customs and traditions that create great
names from small productions.

Lilian Toutain, his daughter Corinne, and his grandson Maxime work together on a 62 acres property divided into 2 parts: one located in the
Calvados AOC and one in the Calvados Pays d'Auge AOC.

The apples

The Toutain family uses its ancestral knowledge about the characteristics of each variety of apple going into the making of cider. They use a
blend of 60% of sweet apples (Doux Véret de Carrouges, Binet Rouge, Clos Renaux, etc) for the quality of the alcohol they will produce, 30% of
bitter sweet apples (Doux Evêque, Domaines Muscadet de Dieppe, Mettais, Doux Normandie, etc) to add body, and 10% of acidulous apples
(Rambault, etc) for conservation. In total, 20 varieties of apples are used for the Calvados Toutain.
The distillation

After fermenting for 4 to 5 months, the sugar from the apples is fully transformed into alcohol. The resulting cider can be distilled using 2
different stills:
- A single-column alembic for the Calvados AOC (the most used).
- An alembic
à repasse (Charentais still) for the Calvados Pays d'Auge AOC.

Distillation with the single-column alembic is a one-step process where the still is continuously supplied with cider. The alcohol fumes condense
in a pipe thanks to the cider going in the still. The resulting distillate is between 68% and 72%.
Distillation with the alembic
à repasse is a two-steps process where the cider is going into a boiler and brought to the boil (103-104°c). It
produces the "petites eaux", a distillate with only 30% alcohol. It then goes into the still again and the resulting calvados is 68-70%. The alcohol
fumes condense thanks to a coil (serpentin) merged into cold water.
60 pounds of apples produce 15 liters of cider which give only one liter of calvados out of the still (70%).

The aging

After distillation, the calvados is colourless. It needs to mature and age in oak barrels for at least two years. The alcohol percentage also needs
to drop down from 68-70% to 40-45% in order to meet the legal requirements.

Calvados Toutain acquires its delicate amber color after a long aging in hundred years old oak barrels. Some big industrial calvados producers
favour the use of new barrels, simply because they quickly give a woody flavour to the calvados, even though they don't allow enough time for
the calvados to develop all its aromatic power. This is why the calvados produced by the Toutain family is aged in old barrels previously used for
cognac, port, wines, etc.
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